The leaves are twitching on the ground
Through the window they make no sound
The sky is a startling light shade of blue
Pale yet blinding against the dark in the room
Far away and muffled, cars will drive past
Somewhere off in the distance, and the sound slowly fades
And listening still, though the sound never lasts
Only the ghost of a memory the noise has made
The street is still as a painted portrait
The trees unmoving, bright under the sun like in a dream
The scene just dull enough to be beautifully imperfect
My eyes glaze over as I stare through the gleam
Reluctantly blink, tear my eyes away from the light
The wind passes through the shuddering leaves
The branches shift and sway, creating unrest in the sight
And slowly builds, overlapping the broken image

I start, hearing my name, and slowly turn around
You’ve walked into the room, and smile expectantly
I turn my back to the window and shift my attention to you
Forgetting all about the scene outside and the beauty I witnessed


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