How I’m Lucky

I’ve written a lot of pretty dismal posts so far, so I thought I would write something positive for a change. It’s also a good reminder for myself for when I’m feeling miserable, seeing this and remembering that I have a lot in my life to be grateful for.

Some Ways I’m Lucky:

I have a loving boyfriend who is also my best friend, and he always tries to be there for me when I need him.

I have loving parents who are understanding about my mental health and try to help out whenever they can.

I have a sister who I am fairly close with who also has BPD, so she understands a lot of what I think and feel and I can talk to her about most things.

I have loving grandparents who only want to see me happy, like my parents.

My boyfriend’s parents are kind and accepting and like me.

I have friends.

There are other reasons why I am lucky, like growing up in a safe and loving home with enough money to live comfortably, but I thought I would limit this list to how I’m lucky with the people in my life. After all, I think that the people you love and who love you are what matters most in this world.


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