Music: Influence on Mood

I’m in the car with my boyfriend in the middle of a summer night, driving around aimlessly, looking out the window, watching the city lights. And then a song I love comes on. Maybe it’s one I haven’t heard in a while. Maybe it’s one I’ve been turning on all the time. But we turn up the music, and I can feel energy in my veins and my heart beats faster. The music blares and it’s like it’s singing to my soul. I am smiling so hard it hurts, cherishing this summer night with my boyfriend, living completely in the moment, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be. It’s a magical feeling. I feel like the luckiest, happiest girl in the world.

I’m sitting alone in my bedroom on a Saturday night in January. It’s snowy and cold and dark outside, and only the lamp in the corner of the room and my laptop provide light. I shuffle my music playlist, and a sort of melancholy, old eighties song comes on. It makes me think of my boyfriend, so far away. It makes me think of old times, old memories, and a thousand flashbacks play through my mind. I feel the tears in my eyes as I think back to old summers years and years ago, when some of my family was still alive. I think of how much I loved them. The tears are falling fast now. I miss these times. I feel sentimental and regretful and sad.

Music has a profound effect on me. Depending on the song, it can change my mood in an instant. There are some songs out there that will always make me cry, always make me think of a certain person, or always make me smile. Sometimes the wrong song can completely ruin my day.

Music has helped me in my darkest moments, and enhanced my happiest ones. Music has helped me to release tears, anger, and shame. I remember being so angry and only listening to fast, angry music would help me calm down – it would make me angrier for a time, but it would help get the angry feelings out of my system. Music would also highlight my saddest moments, and cause me to cry for hours, but after I would feel much better, and ready to face the world once again. Music could also enhance the good moments – when I felt like I was so happy I would burst, I would listen to music to make the feeling last. And sometimes the happiness would grow even stronger.

Music has always had the power to enhance and sometimes change my moods. I feel lucky to feel so much when listening to certain songs. I wonder if music affects anyone else this way.


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