A Sort-of Love Sonnet

The day you first walked in my view I stared

Into the space right past your head and eyes

It’s hard to think that once I did not care

About the face now always on my mind

I spoke to none about my secret wish

For I believed that none would understand

For none of them had ever felt like this

As tightly bound and smitten as I am

And you were the most kind and gentle guy

The kind I thought I knew did not exist

You made my hope and kept my dreams alive

It’s you when I will leave that I will miss

You slowly crept your way into my heart

And you were there before I even knew

How love can wound and pull a mind apart

A sharp and burning pain I found in you

You take a little piece of me each day

A little more each time you walk away

And holding back is all I ever do

From knowing I can never be with you

And I can take a pen and write away

‘Bout all my locked up dreams for better days

No matter all the words I can get out

You voice, your face is all I think about

And maybe my determination is

Not as strong as it should really be

Or maybe it is too strong where it hurts

But I can’t lose you mean too much to me

The everlasting laughter in your eyes

Forever will be etched into my head

Your voice will always echo in my mind

The sweetest sadness, all the words you said

The always present smile in your voice

And kindness on your best and worst of days

How could I not have fallen for your charm

You were the best to me in every way

As love was all I wanted since my youth

You caught a dreamer trapped in her own haze

I tried to figure if you felt this too

Your mind to me was always like a maze

And now the time has come to let you go

A hold was what I never had on you

And brave I’ll be with tears that never show

Releasing a one-sided love for two

The time will tick away but still I’ll see

Memories you’re sure to soon forget

Though one day I may find someone for me

My time with you is time I won’t regret

And how is it a bright and sunny day

As my eyes glisten, looking red and raw

‘Cause on TV mood is always the same

And rain will pour when someone’s lost or gone

You make it very hard to forget you

I’m left behind by moving on again

I love you more with everything you do

Had me at the first words you ever said

Love is hard to find and hard to lose

When trying to forget the one you’d choose

It’s hard to see past present woes and pain

But someday I will find myself again

And so I say to you my last goodbye

I fake a smile for you in the end

Thanks for all the generous love you gave

I think about you every now and then




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