This Sad Song

And my coffee tastes bitter
I’m staring at the phone
Wishing you were right here, wishing I wasn’t alone
And these things that I keep thinking
They are carving up my soul
Can you tell me something happy
Can you say you’re coming home

I just wish that life was different
Wish it wasn’t such a sin
To feel these things that I am feeling

I wish I could be something better
When it gets dark it doesn’t matter
Because I know that I will wake up

And it’s a sad, sad, thing
To be singing this
sad, sad, song

All alone in my room no words no


And I hope that when I wake up it will all just go away
And my mind and heart can just move on
But the day will soon be through and night comes my mind moves back to you
And I will again be lost in this


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