Centre Stage

What if
I wasn’t like this
Would you still love me
Would you still miss
Everything you knew
Or thought you had
Because it might be gone now
It might make you sad
Knowing that I
Can never be the same
Knowing that I
Might never be sane
I might be happy
I might be sad
I might be angry
But it gets bad
Because these things
Can turn on a dime
And all of these things
Fight for the time
Centre stage!
Can you see it?
On my face
Can you believe it?
Swinging curtains
Changing shows
Wait, I want that one
Where’d she go?
Why is this one
Going on for so long?
Quickly it came
And slowly it’s gone
But wait
Now it is
Now I see the smile again
The cast is bowing on the stage
If only it were really pretend


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