That Which Is Heartless

That which is heartless

Cold and cruel

Yet merry in the depths of the

Dark timid night

And from night their power

They take and hold high

Above those who have none

With the greatest of pride

Loud and cheerful

Exchanging tales

Laughing at the many

Who have suffered at their hand

They say they are loyal

They mean to themselves

One would wonder how

They could feel at all

These selfish creatures

Only after their own desires

Never caring if they wound another

Take pleasure even in cowardly victories

The concept of failure

Ceases to exist

They think they’ve already won

When their games begin

And so all their faults

They conceal with charm

And flattery, crafted

To disarm your caution

You remember what you heard

But if you dare meet their eyes

They’ll turn hate to devotion

Have you believe all their lies

Gradually you trust

And then fall into love

Needing their affection for your sanity

Or you can’t carry on

And when you’re most vulnerable

And they’ve had their fun

Suddenly withdraw their kindness

And leave you with none

That which is capable

Of giving you all you’ve wanted

And making you feel

Dangerously depressed

Would do it all again

Just to see your face

To know they have control

And you remain helpless







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