My Nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award

Hello all!

This is my post where I reveal who I have decided to nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award. It was a difficult decision, but I decided on seven different bloggers. Here they are in alphabetical order (after the rules).

The rules of being nominated:

Thank the person who nominated you, and include a link to their blog

Include the rules of the award and add the blog award badge as an image

Write seven facts about yourself

Nominate at most 15 other bloggers, and let them know

My Nominations:

  1. All The Unheard Voices – This was the first blog I ever read, and it really moved me. I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and looking everywhere on the internet for someone to tell me something, anything that wasn’t like the negative stuff I was reading that painted a terrible picture of people with the disorder and essentially said that by having the disorder you were automatically a terrible person. After reading this blog I was nodding along with the things I could relate to and soon breathing a sigh of relief that someone else was going through the same thing I was – this blog gave me hope and strength. This blog also inspired me to write my own blog about my mental health – in hopes that I could reach someone and help them the same way she helped me. She’s a terrific and honest writer, definitely worth checking out!
  2. Definedisorder – I discovered this blog by clicking on a link on a blog post on the website “Time to Change” which is a mental health awareness website based out of the UK. Alex (the blogger for Definedisorder) writes brutally honest posts about her struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I know that Alex wrote a post about perhaps giving up writing the blog because of stigma. I understand if that happens but Alex, I encourage you to continue writing! If you delete your blog I’m sure people will understand but it really is a great blog and I have seen in the comments section that you have helped people by sharing. I love your blog, but do what is best for your mental health!
  3. Empty Thoughts – I recently began following divinebeing and I was stunned that she doesn’t have more followers with the quality of her blog posts! I think I’ve liked almost every single one! Divinebeing sometimes writes poetry (which is really good!) and often writes about her thoughts on life. She is very insightful. Someone you guys really should check out!
  4. Haiku out of Africa – I just love this blog! I love poetry and this blogger writes amazing haikus. Lize Bard can explain the blog better than I can – read the “about” page! Very cool. If you like Haikus and you’re like me, you will just keep scrolling and keep reading because they are all good!
  5. Life on the Borderline – Another wonderful blog about Borderline Personality Disorder. Her writing is genuine, beautiful and at times heartbreaking. I haven’t been following this blogger for very long, so I haven’t read a lot of posts, but enough to be confident that she deserves a nomination for her truthful and moving posts about navigating life.
  6. Musings of a Millennial – Again, why does this blogger not have more followers? Emma is amazing. Her posts are amazing. I read one and I had to keep reading. She writes poetry and blogs about mental health and her life. She is a wonderful writer and you guys should definitely check out her blog.
  7. The Border Between – A fantastic mental health blog about Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Dissociation. A very eloquent writer who always has something intriguing to say. I love reading her posts. She is a brilliant and insightful writer and I recommend visiting her blog!




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