Wedding Dreams

Illusions and dreams

Of heavenly scented perfume

And white petals fluttering in the wind

Some landing on you

Kissing your cheeks

Life’s way of congratulating you


You are a new bride


Do you take long-sleeved dresses?

Or hair up high?

Or ballroom gowns, with hair flowing down?

It’s your decision

It’s all up to you

It’s your dream

Soon to be reality

With wedding bells ringing

Friends and family singing

And your journey to meet

The love of your life


And wait


For the moment, the perfect moment to end all wonderful moments

To end all memories of other romances

Each touch, kiss, hug

All meaningless

Because this one kiss

Connects you and this person

And the room becomes hazy

You can no longer hear or see

Only present time matters

And you realize

What you lived for

Your whole life

And what you will want and need from friends and family forever

Is love



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