All of You

Only time will tell if it will be enough
For me to show you everything that I’m made of
And when the seasons change will you be going with them
Or when the sun returns will I wake up by your side

Only winter nights dark and cold the distance will scare you
Only then will you ever really know
If you can handle all this need and oh I need this
Praying I won’t cave into the dark alone

Only summer days so happy see me smiling
When you’re here with me and missing you is past
It’s a beautiful thing to see you so happy
But I wonder how long it’s gonna last

Only Saturdays aimlessly driving
Laughing so hard we can’t even talk
I love when I make you so happy
So it hurts to know I hurt you when I’m not

I want to believe that you only mean the best
But I’m scared of exactly what that means and for now
I am holding onto the promise you won’t run
No matter what happens when the honeymoon phase is done

I want you to be the one who can take all of me

And in turn I will take all of you


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